Group classes

Would you like to enroll your child for group classes? Follow the steps below

PGA Team initiators: Jacques Wathier, Frédéric Toussaint, Diego Gilis, Lionel Couchard, Olivier Chantrell, Shayne Miller and Adriam Poher




  1. Fill in the form below to enlist for the ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Season 2022 is full!
  2. The total amount will be shown on the following page. No payment request will be made at this stage.
  3. You will receive a summary email.
  4. Your child will be added on our pre-registration list.
  5. Once the registrations are closed end of November, the groups will be formed and you will be informed mid-December.
  6. The transfer information will be communicated to you by email in January.

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