Rules of Golf Test

Content of the Etiquette&Rules of Golf?

Golf Etiquette

Playing golf is also a way of life. It is respecting others and their pleasure. We must therefore acquire certain reflexes, adopt certain behaviors.

The game’s rules :

Golf is a game which rules must be applied uniformly by all the people practicing this sport. This allows to establish rankings, to play all the same game thereby everyone can fufill his enjoyment.

How to prepare the exam?

You can train on the Multiple choice quizz : Quiz.

  • either by a personal study thanks to your documentation, and to your study. In short, you prepare the exam in your own way.
  • either by a theory course whose registration is done at the secretariat and which takes place 2 evenings usually Thursdays during 3 hours (meal included) for 120 €

When to take the theory exam?

The theory exam is an open book test and lasts 1 hour. A minimum of 24/30 will be required for adults and 16/20 for juniors.

If you follow the course: the second day of the course
If you choose to study on your own : at your best convenience.

NB: Before 13 years or 12 years included: the theoretical patent is done in the field with a Bdgc Pro
From 13 to 15 years old, the Juniors questionnaire is adapted and has 20 questions
From the age of 16, the questionnaire is the same as for adults.

Etiquette&Rules Course

Included in the internship: 2 dinners (excluding drinks), the Etiquette&Rules of Golf book, 4 hours of group classes with a BDGC Pro and the passing of the test .  Candidates that have subscribed to the “I Love Golf” pack need to register via the office by contacting us on : 02/672 22 22 or by mail on :

A candidate of the “Go to 36” program must have passed the Etiquette&Rules test before passing the final step.

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