Lessons & Junior training

the best Golf schooling for your child

The younger one starts Golf the easiest it is to learn the game!

Therefore the Brussels Drohme Golf Club offers lessons for children as young as 7 years old!

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Your kid is on Holiday?

You are looking for an outdoor activity for your child?

  • He/she is a beginner? Why not enlist him/her to Golf in the morning and Rockschool or tennis or coding lin the afternoon
  • He/she has a handicap of 54 or less? Why not enlist him/her to a specigic training programm on driving range in the morning and an 9 hole in  the afternoon.

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Group lessons for Juniors


Register your kid for group course all year round either Wednesdays afternoon, Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoon

One hour course with other kids every week from January till December.



Leasing formula

The BDGC shop offers an innovative formula for budding young golfers.

Golf equipment can be hired on an annual basis. ( €100/year + €180 deposit)

Perfectly equipped, the future champion will be able to take full advantage of an evolving bag, always adapted to his size and level.

For more information, please contact the secretary’s office