Academy of the BDGC

We love golf and what it brings to all

Our 9 motivated and, above all, passionate golf professionals want only one thing: to convey their love of the game to you! Whether you are a child or adult, young or old, girl or boy, it doesn’t matter. Even a physical disability is no obstacle to learning or improving this fantastic game with the help of our teachers.

The team consists of only PGA-qualified professionals, a guarantee of quality! They have been teaching both beginners and even tour professionals for more than 30 years : Martin Miller, Jérôme Lafon, Sylvain Marcol, Loic Matoux , Claudia Rocco , Christophe Meunier , Sandrine Timmermans, Wayne Cunliffe & Gaetan Van der Elst will guide you from the first strokes to the 9-hole course.

To book a lesson, contact the Pro of your choice directly by phone or, if you have a federal number, you can book online :

  1. Click on the following link: be-golf
  2. Enter your federal number then your password (if you do not have a federal number you contact them by email or telephone)
  3. Choose the “Reservation” tab and then the “Pro Reservation” tab.
  4. The name of the Pro of your choice will appear.
  5. The Pro will offer you a lesson at your convenience.

Before your lesson, please go to the secretary’s office to pay for your access to the Club. You then pay the lesson directly to your Pro (prices are displayed on their information).


Adult price* Junior price*
Practice lesson access 8,00 € 5,00 €
Course lesson access 20,00 € 10,00 €

*Adult: from 24 years old



You would like to take a golf lesson? Choose one of our Golf Profesionnals.

More info on the Pros

How to start playing golf?

Before you can play on the course by yourself you have to have some basic skills and knowledge.

At the BDGC, we have created a very simple method in 3 steps. This system allows you to be able to quickly play on the course . The system that we use is called : “Go to 36″ !

More info on Go to 36

Courses and Stages for the Juniors

The younger you start playing golf, the easier it is to learn the game. For this simple reason we propose different courses and stages for juniors starting from the age of 6.

More on group courses & Stages juniors

Initiations & Groups Lessons

For the adults and children older than 14, the BDGC organise groups lessons. It is an excellent and not expensive way to learn the game. The groups are small to give you the most attention possible.

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A nice way to combine golf and holliday is to go on a golftrip with one of our golf professionals. You will have to chance to play the most beautifull courses in the world and learn to play better golf at the same time!

Check with your Pro