I want to play Golf

I wish to play Golf and I am a beginner! How do I go about it?


Questions you have… and answers we can give you …

1- Foreword

Playing Golf is also and mainly playing on the course.

To access the course, you must either:

–          Have a Golf Aptitude Certificate

–          Or have an official handicap

Beginners will therefore try to obtain the Certificate.


2- General information on the Golf Aptitude Certificate

What is this Certificate?
The Certificate is an exam set up by the Royal Belgian Golf Federation taking place in various Clubs. It enables a committee to assess the level of game and behavior of a future player.

Why taking such a test?
The certificate is your personal passport, enabling you to play on the courses in most of the Golf Clubs.

Where can one take such a test?
In most Clubs and in particular the Brussels Golf Club

Who can pass the test?
Members of the BGC
Members of another Golf Club, covered by a Federal  Insurance
“Trainee” Members

Not being a Member anywhere, how do I become a “Trainee” Member?
It is easy: you fill in a form at the secretary’s Office at the Club.

What is the cost of the Certificate?
BGC Members: 25€
Members of another Belgian Club: 25€
“Trainee” Members: 50€

Allowed time to pass the Certificate?
The entire Certificate has to be passed within six month maximum. But one has to pass the exam on the course within one month after passing the theory exam and the technical exam.


3- The exams

Detail of the Certificate?
The Certificate is an exam set up in three parts:


1)      Rules of Golf or Etiquette:
Playing Golf  is also to be considered a s a way of life. It is showing respect to the fellow players and their enjoyment. One has to therefore acquire proper reflexes, proper behavior.

2)      Rules of the game :
Golf has particular rules which need to be applied uniformly by all players. It makes it possible to create rankings, for players to play on the same level and to enjoy themselves. One has to have 24 good answers out of 30 questions in order to pass the test.
You can train yourselves on the quiz on our web site.

How to prepare the exam?

You can prepare the exams either by:
– Studying the rules by yourself
– By enrolling at a theory training course: 180€ for an Adult – 75€ for a Junior

When can one pass the exam?

If you are following the theory training course: at the end of the 3rd day of training
If you are studying by yourself: whenever you feel ready.

Note the following points:
You can have the help of the “Rules of Golf” booklet.
The exam is an hour long.
From 16 years old, the quiz becomes the same as an Adult quiz.

Minimum grade required, for adult is 24/30 and for juniors 16/20 (Junior players aged under 10 years old are allowed to pass their theory exam at the same time as their course exam. They will be tested on an average of ten questions on Rules and Etiquette of Golf).


B- Technical exam

a)      Long shots (with a club wood 5 for example)

Players have to produce 10 shots of which 6 have to reach the following distances:

Ladies                   100m
Men                      120m


Ladies (50 yrs)  80m
Men (55 yrs)     100m


Juniors less than15 yrs
Girls                      80m
Boys                      100m


b)      Approach shots

At a 15m distance from the hole (12m from the green & 3m from the fringe) you have to produce 10 bump & run shots and place 6 balls within a 3 meter  radius.


c)       Putting

  1. Five Putts from a 10m distance of which three will stop at less than 2m from the hole.
  2. Five Putts from a 1m50 distance of which three will stop at less than 30cm from the hole.
  3. Five Putts from 1m distance of which two will go in the hole.


When to pass the technical exam?

You can pass the exam as soon as a Pro considers you ready. It occurs once every month and the dates are available at the beginning of the year.

Where should you subscribe to the Certificate?

At the secretary’s office

How to prepare yourself for  the technical exam?

  1. Level 1 Training course – then level 2 and end up with private lessons
  2. Level 1 Training course – then end up with private lessons
  3. Private lessons only

For Junior players, it is possible to enroll in group lessons that take place throughout the year from September till May.


C- The Course exam

Once the theory and the technical exam passed successfully, you can pass the exam on the golf course, either with a Pro, either with a Member of the BGC with a 20 or less Handicap.
To successfully pass this part, you need to score 12 points in Stableford. You will then be given a 36 Handicap (if you score 18 points in Stableford, you will be given a 35 hcp).


D- After the Certificate

Once you have reached this point, you can indulge in playing Golf on most green course in the world. We advice you though not to neglect your game, lessons or training. You can also participate at improvement courses available at the BDGC.

36 is your starting handicap and to improve it, you have to play in Qualifying Competitions (QC). According to your results, the Club Committee of your Home Club will change your handicap.

Be aware that in order to participate at any competitions, you have to be Member of the Club and have at least a 35 hcp or less.

To obtain your 35 hcp, you need to play 18 points Stableford on a 9 holes course with a player with a 20 or less Handicap. Do not forget to get a valid score card before starting to play at the secretary’s office.