Rules of Golf Courses

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The exams

Content of the Certificate ?

They are three parts :

1)      Rules of Golf or Etiquette: Playing Golf  is also to be considered a s a way of life. It is showing respect to the fellow players and their enjoyment. One has to therefore acquire proper reflexes, proper behavior.

2)      Rules of the game : Golf has particular rules which need to be applied uniformly by all players. It makes it possible to create rankings, for players to play on the same level and to enjoy themselves. One has to have 24 good answers out of 30 questions in order to pass the test. You can train yourselves on the quiz on our web site.

You can train yourself on the attached quizz:


How to prepare the exam?

You can prepare the exams either by:

– Studying the rules by yourself
– By enrolling at a theory training course: 180€ for an Adult – 75€ for a Junior

When can one pass the exam?

If you are following the theory training course: at the end of the 3rd day of training If you are studying by yourself: whenever you feel ready.

Note the following points:

You can have the help of the “Rules of Golf” booklet.
The exam is an hour long.
From 16 years old, the quiz becomes the same as an Adult quiz.