Who is Who?

Administraters : Michel Culot, Alain Henrion, Luyten jean-Louis, Theunis Eric, Droh!me Invest.

President : Marc Vanhoeydonck

Capitain : Luc Kahn

Past Capitain : Alain Henrion

General Secretary : Jean-Louis Luyten


Sections :

Seniors Day Manager: Gisèle Markowicz with the help of Jan Sassen, Claude-Anne Le Maire,  Anne Lerat, Marc Bonvoisin  + Jacques Dupont golf trips organiser

Seniors Manager for AFGolf : Sonia Vermeiren

 Juniors Comitee Manager: Eddy Verhulst with precious help of Anne Catherine Verhaeghe, Thomas De Groote , Byron Vermeulen , Laure De Groote.

Men’s Day Manager : Sébastien Pieraert with the help from  ….

Ladies’ Day Manager  : Françoise de Thier with the help from Nadine Clerdin, Anne-Catherine Verhaeghe and Janine Palmersheim

Entertainement Comitee Manager : Sylvie Gilles with the help of  Nathalie Fache and Miguel Iribarren

Neuf’s Day Manager : Lucien Douret