New Ball system

An easy and userfriendly system to receive your Practice Balls with your Federal Card ! This system will be operational from Monday 5th of October at noon.


The new procedure will unable you to credit your Federal Card with « ball-credits » ; 1 credit will now give you 24 balls.


1 credit (24 balls) will cost 1€
10 credit will cost 10€
17 credit will cost 15€
24 credit will cost 20€
50 credit will cost 40€


You will credit your Federal Card with your cashcard or credit card at the bank terminal. It is situated at the right hand side of the Club House entrance.

After this operation, you will then insert your Federal Card at the ball machine distributors .


All tokens still in your possession (value of 2€) can be exchanged for 2 ball-credit at the secretary’s Office until the 1st of November.